There are many benefits to giving your central heating system a power flushing service. Over time your central heating system will collect all sorts of unwanted debris. Power flushing cleans out any harmful rubbish that may be lingering in your boiler, radiators, pumps or pipe work. It works when chemicals and water are mixed and dispersed via a machine to your central heating system at high speed, working in both the same, and opposite direction of the water flow.

At ADS GAS our power flushing service will rid your heating systems of any harmful residue, allowing it to get back to its best, and provide you with a better heat output. Having your heating system power flushed could also save you money by improving its working order.

Your central heating system may need to be power flushed if you have been experiencing any of the following:

  • Your radiators are slow to heat up, or not at all
  • Unusual sounds from your central heating system
  • Your radiators feel cold in patches
  • There is a build-up of air in your radiators
  • You notice dirty water seeping from your radiators when bleeding

  • If you feel your central heating system is in need of power flushing we welcome you to get in touch for a free quote. Our professional engineers are on hand to offer you information and peace of mind.